Enrolment instructions


You can enroll in a course online (www.opistopalvelut.fi/sastamala), by calling the Sastamala Community College office or by visiting the office (map).

Course will only start if there’s enough people enrolled by the last registration day. The last registration day is marked on the curriculum next to each course. The last day is usually a week before the start of the course. If enrolment of a course is different in some way, it is mentioned in the curriculum. If you realize that you can’t participate in a course you have enrolled in, cancel your enrolment immediately.
When you enroll in a course, you are pledged to pay the course fee.

The three ways to enroll

  • Enroll online at www.opistopalvelut.fi/sastamala
  • Call the Sastamala Community College office: Arja p. 040 138 2033 or Kristiina p. 040 138 2034.
  • Visit the Sastamala Community College office at Onkiniemenkatu 1.
    o Office hours: Monday-Thursday 8–15.30 and Friday 8–15

When you enroll in, you confirm that you have accepted these instructions:

  1. When you enroll in a course, you are pledged to pay the course fee. From unnecessary enrolment we will send you a 20 € office fee.
  2. If you enroll to be an active student, first enroll in courses. After that you can enroll to be an active student. Active fee’s course number is 00001S (autumn) and 00001K (spring).
  3. If you are an unemployed job applicant, low-income retiree, or child of a low-income family, enroll to be an active student at the office or with the departure director.

Enrolment on the website

  1. Get to know the curriculum, instructions, and rules of Sastamala Community College. You can read them on the homepage of Sastamala Community College or from the papery curriculum that is delivered to your home.
  2. When searching for courses, you can use the search engine that is located on the top right of the website. To find the right courses, use the course’s name or number, teacher’s name, or the place where the course is held.
  3. Choose the courses you want to enroll in. You can enroll in many courses at the same time.
    Fill in the form and send it electronically to the college. If you doubt that your enrollment succeeded, contact the office.
    If the course is already full, you can get waitlisted.
  4. Write down your registration number. You can use it to check which courses you have enrolled in, or you can use it to cancel your enrollment.
  5. There will be no information sent to the enrolled before the start of the course. The college will contact you only if the course gets canceled or you get a study place from the waitlist.

Enrolment in adult-child-courses

A child should be signed up as a student and an adult as a payer. Then the payment will include both the child and the adult. If the child and adult both have paid an active fee for the semester, it will cover the course fee. It is still important to enroll because then we can register every student. If only the child or adult is an active student, you’ll need to pay half of the course fee.

Cancellation of an enrolment

If you notice that you can’t participate in a course after it has started, cancel your enrollment immediately. You can cancel the enrollment online or by calling the office. On courses that last for the semester, cancel the enrollment before the second lesson. On short-term courses cancel the enrolment, at the latest, three days before the course starts. If you don’t cancel your enrollment in time, you will need to pay the whole course fee. Active students will need to pay an office fee of twenty euros if they reserve a course place and don’t participate.

Cancellation of an enrolment on the website:

  1. Go to Your registration tab.
  2. For cancellation you’ll need either your phone number, email address or the course number. In addition, you also need your registration number. Enter this information to the empty boxes.
  3. You can cancel your enrollment when you have entered the required information.

The rules of Sastamala Community College

The minimum number of participants

The course will not start if there’s not enough people enrolled in by the last day of registration. A course that has started already can also be cut short if there’s not enough participants on three lessons in a row. Inform your teacher, if you won’t come to some lesson, but you will continue the course. A course with not enough participants can continue, but there needs to be good arguments for it.
A course with less than the minimum of participants can possibly start as a small group. Then the students of the course will probably need to pay a higher course fee than normally. The course’s minimum income will be divided by the number of the participants of the small group. Active fee is not appropriate as a payment for a small group.

Absence from the beginning of a course

It’s possible to join on a course that has already started. You can ask about free places from the office or from the teacher of the course. If you are enrolled in a course, but you can’t come to the first meeting, inform the teacher or the office.

Teacher’s sick leave

If a teacher gets sick, the first lesson of the sick leave will not be replaced. If the sick leave continues for longer, there will be a substitute teacher, or the lesson will be replaced.

Course fees

You can pay the course fee online using the Paytrail payment service when you enroll in courses. If you don’t pay then, we will send you a link for electronic payment to your email. If you don’t pay the fee by the due date, you’ll get a bill to your home address. The bill will not be returned even if you discontinue your studies.
If you have occasional difficulties with the payments, contact the office immediately. Then you can get more time for payment. Otherwise, the bill will go to debt collection and there will be extra charge.

Active student fees

You can become an active student by paying a 75 € tuition fee. You are entitled to a reduced price if you are an unemployed job applicant or a low-income retiree. If you are a low-income retiree your average income is at most a thousand euros. The reduced price of an active fee is 15 €. Unemployed need to prove their status with a certificate of job-hunting and low-income retirees with a tax certificate. Prove your status at the office or to the department director (Taina Niemi).

In the autumn semester the enrollment to be an active student is by the end of September. In the spring semester it’s by the end of January. At other times, it’s not possible to enroll to be an active student.

The enrollment takes place online or at the office. You can also sign up to the department director. Active fee is charged just like the course fee. An active student can participate in almost all the courses of the college without separate payment. Regardless, it’s still important to enroll in the courses. However, the active fee doesn’t include individual or pair teaching of music and languages, the open university, courses leading to a degree or courses that cost more than 60 €.

It’s not guaranteed that an active student can participate in courses that are full. It’s expected that an active student participates on the chosen courses since absences can disturb other students’ learning.

Children’s active fee and the fee for basic education in the arts

Students under 18 years old can sign up to be an active student by paying a semester fee of 42 euros. The same payment covers the payment of the basic education in the arts. It’s possible to pay for the basic education in the arts for the whole school year. Then the price is 84 euros.
Parents who are low-income, for example because of unemployment or single parenthood, can get a reduced price of the active fee. The reduced price of an active fee for children is 15 euros. If you are entitled to a reduced price, enroll at the College office, or contact the departure director.

Individual music teaching

It’s possible to study singing and instruments individually and then it’s more expensive than in a group. The fee is determined by the length of the lesson.
Prices of the individual teaching of music:
12/13 weeks = 104 € / 30 min or 156 € / 45 min / semester
17/18 weeks = 148 € / 30 min or 223 / 45 min / semester

Books and materials

Students pay for the textbooks and other materials themselves. On some courses materials are purchased jointly and then you’ll need to pay a material fee in addition to the course fee. Students can of course keep their own work they have paid for.


Studying in a community college is usually voluntary without formal certificates or degrees. However, if needed, it’s possible to ask for a certificate of participation from the college office. In the curriculum, there’s also some goal-oriented teaching, for instance the open university and the basic education in the arts.


All kind of discrimination, bullying and harassment is absolutely forbidden. A student that disturbs other students can be removed from the lesson and course.

Safety at work

Please use hearing protection and eye shield as well as other personal protectors if there’s any safety hazard. Don’t use any broken machines. Inform your teacher about a broken machine immediately. Don’t take off any safety devices from machines. Take care of general cleanliness – it’s also a matter of safety. There can be no obstacles on the floor that can trip you over. Take also care of fire safety. Sort out the places and instructions of fire extinguishing devices as well as exits. It’s not allowed to use any machines when your attention is elsewhere. If you are uncertain about something, ask before you act. A student who breaks the safety instructions can be removed from the lesson.


The college has insured all students that are under 16 years old. Adults take part at their own risk.

Copyrights and photographs

At Sastamala Community College the person who has made the work owns the copyrights of the work. All actions happen within the Creativity Commons license: others can show, copy, and present other student’s work but only in non-profit use.
Sastamala Community College participates in many projects and in some of them photos and videos are an important part of documentation. College’s facilities are seen as public places where it’s allowed to film people without their consent. However, if you don’t want to be filmed, inform the photographer of your wishes.
Sastamala Community College reserves the right to change courses, fees, and their contents without announcing it in advance. There might appear some mistakes in the paper curriculum. Up-to-date and corrected information can be found from the electronic curriculum.